Getting started with Vertical Rhythm

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  One of the biggest challenges with web design is understanding typography. Font choice, weight, size, and spacing are all important things to consider when you are setting up type for your website or application. If you aren’t familiar with the term vertical rhythm, simply put, it’s what keeps vertical spaces, between elements on a… Read more »

Web Component 0.0.8 Alpha

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We’d like to take a chance to update the community on our Patternfly web components work. Progress continues on our web component prototype and you can now install an early alpha of our Alert, Tabs, Tooltip, and Utilization Bar Chart components with the npm module. We also have a new showcase site which provides documentation for getting started,… Read more »

Yay or Nay to Multi Column Forms?

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The PatternFly team is working on the conceptual design for multi column forms. However, this concept is slightly different from other patterns the team has worked on. We are exploring if there is ever a good use case to use multi-column forms, and if so what are they?  Forms are a valuable tool because they offer a… Read more »

Patternfly, meet Web Components. Web Components, meet Patternfly.

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If you’ve been following the Patternfly mailing list or happened to stumble on our recent post on, “Are Web Components in the future for Patternfly?”,  you’ve probably noticed that we’re doing some thorough research on web components right now. I’d like to take this opportunity to provide a few updates on our findings and share… Read more »

Tabs – Responsive Design

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Overview We need a responsive design for tabs to handle overflow, which will include a responsive state for the two levels of tabs as well.   Current tabs implementation ->> 1.Justified However, When there are many tabs, it requires significant scrolling to find one of the tabs. Also, it’s not recommended in Material Design… Read more »

Bar Charts : Visualizing Quantitative Data

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Overview Bar charts are used to visualize quantitative data. Since bar charts differentiate by length, we recommend that in most cases they be used rather than donut or pie charts, which differentiate by angle and area. Vertical Bar Chart The most common use case for vertical charts is to show data changes over a period… Read more »