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Don’t wanna miss a thing? Get caught up on major PatternFly happenings and give some thanks to the design community members who reached new heights this quarter.

In this edition:

What’s new

A lot’s happened since our last contributions post in September. Let’s talk about it.

We added JS implementation on

PatternFly is all about consistent design that’s easy to implement. With that in mind, code pages on now link to available javascript implementations of our design patterns.

We built new login pages

Login Page

We like to make a good first impression. The new login has an updated look and feel, responsive design, and supports a whole bunch of use cases like:

  • Login from a social media or third party account (like Google or GitHub)
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Multi-factor login scenarios

The design document provides guidance on how to handle common errors that might occur during the login process. Check out all the new login pages on our website here: Login Page, Multi-Factor Login, Single Sign-On.

We revised the Filter pattern

The new and improved Filter pattern is more modular and flexible. The basic interaction model for filtering content from a toolbar remains unchanged, but the new pattern explains how you can use a variety of filter triggers to support different use cases. We also introduced two new filter trigger patterns:

We’re using new hover colors for List Views

We changed the hover color for rows in a List View from light gray to light blue. “But why?” you might ask. Two reasons:

  • Better consistency between hover styles for lists and tables
  • To avoid confusion between a hover state and an expanded state for lists that support row expansion

More consistency and less confusion? Double yes!

We improved the recommendations form validation

We updated the Errors and Validation pattern to clarify how and when we should validate the information users enter on forms. The updated recommendations cover how to handle the differences between client-side and server-side validation and when to disable submit buttons.

And so much more!

We made tons of incremental updates and small additions since last fall to improve the quality and consistency of the pattern library and generate new patterns.

“Tell me more!” you say? Take a look at the new Slider pattern and the standard loading state for dashboard cards for some examples of this work.

Thanks and high fives

We want to give a special shout out to all of the designers who contributed to the work we’ve featured here.

A hearty PatternFly thank you to Kyle Baker, Michael Coker, Jenny Haines, Colleen Hart, Leslie Hinson, Chris Shinn, Haley Wang, June Zhang, Melody Zhong, and Tao Zhu.

Our goal is to recognize all of the contributors who keep PatternFly moving forward. If there’s anyone we missed, please forgive us! And then let us know so we can make a big fuss about them in our next Wrap-Up.

Help wanted (in case you missed it)

Help Wanted

The PatternFly design library is packed with reusable patterns that help designers and developers build consistent and usable product experiences. But it would be nothing without contributions from community members like you!

Like a hand without a glove, we have a growing list of common use cases that aren’t yet covered by a design pattern.

Check out the list of new design patterns we need help with right now, and learn more about how you can contribute to PatternFly.

Design templates for agility and speed

We have PatternFly design templates available for Balsamiq Mockups 3 and for Sketch. You can download these template files from our GitHub design repo.

These templates will help you quickly create PatternFly compatible wireframes and design mockups, so please download and use them.

Suggestion box

This is our first installment of the Wrap-Up, and nobody is perfect. If there’s something you’d love to see here that we’re missing, please let us know!

Want helpful tips from the community? What about a fun facts about the team? Puppy pictures?

Fill out this form to submit your ideas, or just send an email to [email protected].

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