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We’d like to officially announce that support for Sass has been added as a core feature of PatternFly and is now available in the 3.31.0 release. Many in the community had already been using the PatternFly-Sass package and the concepts behind that repo have been brought into PatternFly core.

We are doing this because many products found that they preferred using Sass instead of LESS for their CSS preprocessor and the community provided PatternFly-Sass needed official support so it wouldn’t fall behind.

How will this impact you?

For Consumers of PatternFly:

If you are using PatternFly css in your website only, this shouldn’t impact you at all. If you are using the less partials instead of patternfly.less or patternfly-additions.less, the mixins file had to be broken into two separate files (mixins.less and bootstrap-mixin-overrides.less) so you’ll need to add a second reference to the bootstrap-mixin-overrides.less file.

Contributors to PatternFly:

Supporting Sass as part of our release means that each contributor to PatternFly core css needs to make sure they build the Sass and include it with their PR for review. The readme explains how to do this here: Any code reviewers should also ensure that any less changes are accompanied by corresponding Sass changes.

As always, we appreciate feedback on this and any other PatternFly features that have been provided and please either use the mailing list or our slack channel ( to join) to ask questions. To learn more about how to contribute to PatternFly or how to use it in your project, please see the readme at: or view our website at

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