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PatternFly has introduced the concept of experimental components. Moving forward, new components will be introduced to the community as experimental, allowing us to release new components early and adapt them based on your feedback about the design or implementation. Experimental components are opt-in only because they’re open to breaking changes before becoming fully supported in PatternFly.

Your feedback is essential in order for this component to graduate to the next level and become part of the core package. We will leverage the PatternFly mailing list to announce experimental features and collect your feedback on PatternFly forum posts. There is an Experimental Features category on the forum dedicated to this effort. 

Each forum post will include a link to the experimental component on the PatternFly website. Tell us what you think by liking the forum post if you’re happy with the design and implementation or reply with comments about how the component can improve.

You can access experimental components in patternfly-react by using the experimental.js barrel file. 

import { Badge } from '@patternfly/react-core/dist/esm/experimental';

Experimental components in core (patternfly-next) are not included with the bundled patternfly.css. Instead, they can be imported as separate stylesheets: 

import '@patternfly/patternfly/components/ExperimentalComponent/experimental-component.css';
import '@patternfly/patternfly/components/ExperimentalComponent/experimental-component.scss';

Once your feedback has been collected, we will evaluate it and integrate the necessary changes to enhance the component. We will keep you up-to-date via the forum posts, so weigh in and stay tuned to learn how a component evolves.

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