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The Red Hat UXD team would like to introduce the PatternFly Angular 2 and PatternFly React repos! Big thanks to Dana Gutride and Patrick Riley for kicking off the effort by creating the repos and introducing a list of initial issues. At this point, these issues are a list of questions regarding repo setup. We would like to invite you to take a look at the current issues, comment and/or add any additional issues that should be addressed.

PatternFly repo teams have been organized as way to help coordinate the community efforts surrounding each repo to ensure contributions are meeting PatternFly design and development standards. The repo team roles and associated member are as follows:

  • Angular 2
    • Maintainers (JS Dev): Dana Gutride and Dan Labrecque
    • CSS Experts: Adam Jolicoeur and Andres Galante
    • Interaction Designers: Adam Jolicoeur and SJ Cox
    • UXD Strategist: Cat Robson
  • React
    • Maintainer (JS Dev): Patrick Riley
    • CSS Expert: Jenn Giardino
    • Interaction Designers: Jenn Giardino and Matthew Stevens
    • UXD Strategist: Mary Clarke

We are excited to enable Angular 2 and React development for PatternFly and look forward to building out these repos with you.

The Red Hat UXD team

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    • Good question Jeff. Our decision to include an Angular 2 react repo under PatternFly (vs Angular 4) is driven largely by the community. We’ve had a number of developers and dev teams come to us saying they are developing with Angular 2 and integrating with PatternFly. For that reason, we saw a need to enable this work to happen in PatternFly. That’s not to say this won’t happen one day for Angular 4, but we have not heard requests for this or know of any activity in this area to date.


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