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As development on our shiny new design system continues to push forward, we wanted to share a quick update about migration for existing users of PatternFly 3. Let’s dive in.

What’s the plan?

This is the question we get most frequently, and we’re still working to fully flesh out tooling and best practices. Here’s what we know:

  • PatternFly 4 component documentation will provide information about the PatternFly 3 component it replaces so you can easily map one design system to the other
  • We’ll provide examples of the PatternFly 3 HTML structure alongside the updated PatternFly 4 code so you see exactly what’s changed
  • PatternFly-React users will be provided with codemods (scripts) to migrate components from PatternFly 3 to 4
  • PatternFly 3 and PatternFly 4 will be able to work side-by-side so you can migrate at your own pace

How are we going to address inconsistencies between PatternFly 3 and 4 as different project teams start to adopt the new system?

The UXD and PatternFly teams are exploring avenues to address inconsistencies introduced to applications and the Red Hat portfolio. Investigations are ongoing and we’re making POC’s a priority. Stay tuned.

How long will we maintain PatternFly 3?

PatternFly 3 isn’t going anywhere. To learn more, check out our latest blog on this topic.

Head over to our GitHub to stay on top of everything that’s happening, from issues to milestones. Finally – we are tracking work around migration via issues in GitHub and tagging them accordingly.

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