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PatternFly was built to drive product consistency and unify teams. With its guidelines, standards, and code, PatternFly has made it possible to scale usable and consistent design across the entire company.

We’re excited to announce the official launch of PatternFly 4!

An updated look

We’ve completely revamped the look and feel of the system to provide something modern, clean, and flexible enough to work for all of our products, personas, and use cases.

A fresh website

The new PatternFly 4 website focuses on helping you make the most of the design system, with updated styling, overarching improvements to search and information architecture, and a new approach to design guidelines that help you use the right components and patterns to solve common design challenges.

A completely new PatternFly

PatternFly 4 is built to be accessible, responsive, and modular, so it’s easier to adopt and maintain. It’s also decoupled from Bootstrap, meaning we have full control and are no longer tied to another team’s product decisions or release cycles. And our streamlined focus on the React framework helps ensure consistent design, development, and community support.

What’s been added since beta?

Since the release of the PatternFly 4 beta, we introduced 41 modular, accessible, and responsive components and demos.

We’ve also onboarded several teams, like Red Hat Managed Integration, OpenShift, and Red Hat Insights and cloud services, who have begun successfully developing using PatternFly 4.

We want to extend a thank you to those teams for all of their help and collaboration throughout the beta!

Get connected

To follow along as we continue to improve (or become a contributor, if you’re feeling ambitious), take advantage of GitHub, join us on Slack, and subscribe to our mailing list. You can also ask questions and get support on the PatternFly forum.

Get PatternFly 4 today

Visit the new PatternFly 4 website to take a look at the updated visual design and explore our styles, guidelines, and code samples.

If you’re a PatternFly 3 user interested in migrating to PatternFly 4, be reassured that PatternFly 3 and PatternFly 4 will work side-by-side so you can migrate at your own pace.

Check out our PatternFly 4 migration guide to learn more.

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