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After lengthy discussion, the PatternFly team has chosen React as the JS implementation for PatternFly 4. We want to stress that we will continue to maintain our current PatternFly 3 Angular repos (angular-patternfly and patternfly-ng).

The JS framework question has gotten a lot of attention, so we wanted to talk a bit about how we made our decision and why we think it’s the best way forward for the project.

  • We chose React based on its popularity within the PatternFly community as well as the broader industry.
  • We elected to focus on one JS framework because this approach will enable our team to ensure quality design, development, and community support.

The React strategy was discussed at length and we took many factors into consideration. If you’re interested in understanding more of the history and reasoning behind our decision, read on!

Quick History

We started the patternfly-ng and patternfly-react repos over a year ago in response to rising requests to provide PatternFly implementations for the newer JS frameworks.

The Metrics

At the time, we didn’t have any metrics to help us prioritize one framework over another, and so we made the best choice that we could and decided to add both. Since then, we have evaluated the activity and contributions around the various repos and observed that patternfly-react had become significantly more popular in recent months. We also took a look at observations from the broader industry and factored that research into our decision-making process.

Given all of this, we made the informed decision to take a more focused approach, enabling our team to improve PatternFly 4 and ensure quality design, development, and community support.

A big thanks to the PatternFly community for all of the engagement and interest we’ve been getting around PatternFly 4. Stay tuned for more updates.

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