It’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day!

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Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) aims to build awareness around accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities. The goal is to get everyone thinking and talking about how we can build inclusive digital experiences that work for everyone. We’re so glad it’s GAAD! We thought it’d be the perfect day to update you on some… Read more »

Interested in PatternFly-Next? Join our bi-weekly live updates!

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PatternFly is a UI design system providing designers and developers with a set of consistent patterns and visual design elements that can be applied across products. Over the last several months, the team has been making strides towards delivering the next major version of the system. Get the details We want to keep the entire… Read more »

PatternFly Roadmap Update

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In 2017, we posted a roadmap that provided an overview of our vision for the next major version of PatternFly. Since that post, we’ve made big strides towards delivering a more maintainable system that’s easier to use and consume. As with any project, we’ve had to adapt and refine our strategy in some places, but… Read more »

Accessibility is Usability

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The power of the web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect. -Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director and inventor of the World Wide Web Good design isn’t good enough Great user experiences don’t just happen; they’re designed, tested and refined with the user in mind. Designers aim to build… Read more »

PatternFly Quarterly Wrap-Up

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Don’t wanna miss a thing? Get caught up on major PatternFly happenings and give some thanks to the design community members who reached new heights this quarter. In this edition: What’s new Thanks and high fives Help wanted (in case you missed it) Design templates for agility and speed Suggestion box What’s new A lot’s… Read more »

Call for PatternFly design contributions

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PatternFly relies on the contributions of designers and developers like you to grow and improve the content of our design pattern library. When you make a design contribution, you help improve product usability and consistency with reusable solutions for common use cases. How can you help? Check out the list of new design patterns we… Read more »

PatternFly now includes Sass support!

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We’d like to officially announce that support for Sass has been added as a core feature of PatternFly and is now available in the 3.31.0 release. Many in the community had already been using the PatternFly-Sass package and the concepts behind that repo have been brought into PatternFly core. We are doing this because many… Read more »

Getting started with Vertical Rhythm

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  One of the biggest challenges with web design is understanding typography. Font choice, weight, size, and spacing are all important things to consider when you are setting up type for your website or application. If you aren’t familiar with the term vertical rhythm, simply put, it’s what keeps vertical spaces, between elements on a… Read more »

Toggle Filter

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Overview Problem Solving Toggle filter addresses the problem of a user frequently accessing filters, repeatedly, and having to select them over and over again. It will allow a user to quickly toggle, an individual filter criteria on and off, and immediately see the results, without having to relocate the filter criteria, via the drop down…. Read more »

List View Guideline Improvement

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by Melody, Tao & Haley List views have been used widely across products. After we did some research about the applications list view (Research could be found here) , we find out that we could update and create some new guidelines for PatternFly. Summarized as following:   1. New Content Layout Template Currently we don’t have a… Read more »