Getting started with Vertical Rhythm

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  One of the biggest challenges with web design is understanding typography. Font choice, weight, size, and spacing are all important things to consider when you are setting up type for your website or application. If you aren’t familiar with the term vertical rhythm, simply put, it’s what keeps vertical spaces, between elements on a… Read more »

Responsive State for the Notification Drawer

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Overview The Notification Drawer is a content delivery system to expose time-based information such as events, tasks, and alerts. It is a self contained system that is viewable without having to navigate to another area of the application. Upon login it offers initial notifications for what has changed in the form of dismissible Toast Notifications… Read more »

The Tree of Wisdom

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Think about a design system as a tamagotchi. To keep it alive once your turn it on, you need to take care of it: keep it clean, feed it and make it sleep, almost like a living creature. That’s why supporting and maintaining a design system can be more challenging than initially creating it. A… Read more »

Patternfly-design — Going Github

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As you may have noticed, there is a new repository on the Patternfly Github page called patternfly-design. The purpose of the repo is to house the designs and documentation for Patternfly and to be the center of design contributions going forward. Patternfly-design will address a number of issues with the old design contribution model and… Read more »

Choosing the Best Font for Application Design

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Typography in Application Design Great application design relies on very limited use of graphical elements, the designer relies primarily on type to display data and establish the information hierarchy. PatternFly was designed to present clear, unobstructed content is critical to enable users to complete their tasks. Choosing the correct typeface and defining the right styles… Read more »