List View Guideline Improvement

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by Melody, Tao & Haley List views have been used widely across products. After we did some research about the applications list view (Research could be found here) , we find out that we could update and create some new guidelines for PatternFly. Summarized as following:   1. New Content Layout Template Currently we don’t have a… Read more »

Inline Edit on Forms – Conceptual Design

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1. In-Line Edit for Form Inline Edit pattern enables users to edit text directly on the same page instead of navigating them to another page for editing the text. This is useful when the user may want to make a single edit without the need to refresh the entire form to make it editable. This… Read more »

Responsive Form Layout Guidelines – Conceptual

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With so many new mobile phones, tablets and other devices coming out every day, designers have to be prepared to make common functions easy to do on these devices. The usual approach to this is responsive design. The usability of web forms is by no means a new topic. It has been covered in general… Read more »

Entering Numeric Data on Forms – Investigation

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Story Background We currently do not provide any guidance on how to enter numeric data on forms. There is a Bootstrap Touchspin component in Widgets library for numeric data entry but no guidance on how this should be used. There are four ways I founded to entering numeric data. Bootstrap Touchspin (stacked):   Data Input +… Read more »

Time and Date formatting – Discovery

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Base on the document of Terminology and Wording PatternFly encourages users to adopt much more emotional descriptions to show the time and date in the application. In most cases when users created a blog or document, their activities like attached / updated / followed / commented / liked / unliked…, we can use the following… Read more »

Tabs – Responsive Design

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Overview We need a responsive design for tabs to handle overflow, which will include a responsive state for the two levels of tabs as well.   Current tabs implementation ->> 1.Justified However, When there are many tabs, it requires significant scrolling to find one of the tabs. Also, it’s not recommended in Material Design… Read more »

Forms: Hide/Expand Advanced Options – Conceptual Design

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Overview There are many things the Forms Pattern does not  specify today. During the discovery phase, we captured requirements (see list below) from various stakeholder projects.  One of the top requirements was for a feature to  “Hide/Expand Advanced Options” in the form. With the collection of discovery work screenshots and some other popular option about… Read more »