Data View Pagination Options – Conceptual Design

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It’s time for PatternFly to revisit pagination within data views.  This includes tables, list, and card views. In the past, pagination was part of data tables but we recently wanted to start fresh with data tables and gradually add elements as we go. Pagination seems like a fairly simple and straightforward concept but with multiple… Read more »

Yay or Nay to Multi Column Forms?

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The PatternFly team is working on the conceptual design for multi column forms. However, this concept is slightly different from other patterns the team has worked on. We are exploring if there is ever a good use case to use multi-column forms, and if so what are they?  Forms are a valuable tool because they offer a… Read more »

Table View: Organize your Data

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  Overview & Usage A table organizes data into rows (of items) and columns (of item attributes). Tables make structured data easy to scan, compare, sort, and analyze. Tables can be embedded into other design patterns. Tables are familiar to users and often the correct choice for structured data, but be careful not to overuse… Read more »