PatternFly experimental components

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PatternFly has introduced the concept of experimental components. Moving forward, new components will be introduced to the community as experimental, allowing us to release new components early and adapt them based on your feedback about the design or implementation. Experimental components are opt-in only because they’re open to breaking changes before becoming fully supported in… Read more »

PatternFly has introduced two new fonts

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PatternFly has introduced two new fonts, Red Hat Text and Red Hat Display. These new fonts improve the performance and legibility at any type size. They are also designed to support more browsers than the current Overpass font. To learn more, check out the Red Hat typography standards. The new font is available in the… Read more »

Introducing the PatternFly Forum

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The PatternFly team is always looking for new ways to improve communication with the PatternFly community. A while back, we sent out a survey to get a better understanding of how you want to receive information and share feedback. We got responses from 22 people, a mix of designers and developers, and discovered that 70%… Read more »

JS Framework for PatternFly 4

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After lengthy discussion, the PatternFly team has chosen React as the JS implementation for PatternFly 4. We want to stress that we will continue to maintain our current PatternFly 3 Angular repos (angular-patternfly and patternfly-ng). The JS framework question has gotten a lot of attention, so we wanted to talk a bit about how we… Read more »

PatternFly now includes Sass support!

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We’d like to officially announce that support for Sass has been added as a core feature of PatternFly and is now available in the 3.31.0 release. Many in the community had already been using the PatternFly-Sass package and the concepts behind that repo have been brought into PatternFly core. We are doing this because many… Read more »

The PatternFly Conference 2017

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The Red Hat UXD team is excited to announce the first ever PatternFly Conference on June 8 from 12 – 6PM at the Red Hat Annex in Raleigh. The PatternFly Conference is a half day community conference dedicated to sharing ideas, techniques, and tools to power great user experience through front-end design and development. To… Read more »

PatternFly Angular 2 and React Repos

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The Red Hat UXD team would like to introduce the PatternFly Angular 2 and PatternFly React repos! Big thanks to Dana Gutride and Patrick Riley for kicking off the effort by creating the repos and introducing a list of initial issues. At this point, these issues are a list of questions regarding repo setup. We… Read more »

February Monthly Report

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Highlights A conference room was named after PatternFly in the Red Hat Madrid office thanks to Miguel Perez Colino, who submitted “PatternFly” as a name for the new office. Our community meeting grew by 114.8% with 58 participants. We had a great discussion about the PatternFly Web Components / Framework-Native proposal. Big thanks to Rachel… Read more »

January Monthly Report

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Highlights The PatternFly 4.0.0-alpha.2 was released. Leslie Hinson and Allie Jacobs presented at a sold-out Triuxpa event on Open Source UX Design with PatternFly (January 26, Raleigh, NC). PatternFly and the Red Hat UXD team were recognized for their contributions to the OpenShift 3.4 release. CloudForms 4.2 was released and got positive feedback on the… Read more »

December Monthly Report

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Highlights The PatternFly Roadmap was published. The PatternFly Design Repo provides a place where developers and designers can collaborate as seen with the Stacked Bar Chart contribution. Big thanks to everyone that has been reviewing PRs on all the repos. Guys named David really like us. David Moreau Simard and David Bell sent shout-outs thanking… Read more »