Patternfly-design — Going Github

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As you may have noticed, there is a new repository on the Patternfly Github page called patternfly-design. The purpose of the repo is to house the designs and documentation for Patternfly and to be the center of design contributions going forward. Patternfly-design will address a number of issues with the old design contribution model and… Read more »

Actions on a Card

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Overview Card View displays content in a graphical way that is not possible with a Table or List View. The characteristics of this view can be used to tuck actions out of the way until they are needed, or to place emphasis on actions that are crucial to the correct use of the product. The… Read more »

Simple Actions for the Data Toolbar

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Simple actions is a pattern that houses actions for the objects in the current view (tile view, list view etc). These actions can apply to all of the objects in the view or a subset of them. Simple actions is often displayed as part of the Data Toolbar. Requirements A successful design for this pattern…… Read more »