Patternfly-design — Going Github

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As you may have noticed, there is a new repository on the Patternfly Github page called patternfly-design. The purpose of the repo is to house the designs and documentation for Patternfly and to be the center of design contributions going forward. Patternfly-design will address a number of issues with the old design contribution model and… Read more »

Choosing the Best Font for Application Design

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Typography in Application Design Great application design relies on very limited use of graphical elements, the designer relies primarily on type to display data and establish the information hierarchy. PatternFly was designed to present clear, unobstructed content is critical to enable users to complete their tasks. Choosing the correct typeface and defining the right styles… Read more »

Data View Pagination Options – Conceptual Design

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It’s time for PatternFly to revisit pagination within data views. ┬áThis includes tables, list, and card views. In the past, pagination was part of data tables but we recently wanted to start fresh with data tables and gradually add elements as we go. Pagination seems like a fairly simple and straightforward concept but with multiple… Read more »

Time and Date formatting – Discovery

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Base on the document of Terminology and Wording PatternFly encourages users to adopt much more emotional descriptions to show the time and date in the application. In most cases when users created a blog or document, their activities like attached / updated / followed / commented / liked / unliked…, we can use the following… Read more »