Forms:Conditional Hidden Fields Based on First Selection

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Overview This blog is to investigate the web form design especially the conditional hidden fields, and give out the possible solutions. Should we hide fields if user can’t be interacted with? Do we always just keep all fields there and gray them out? Or use progressive disclosure if there are more fields based on a… Read more »

Tabs – Responsive Design

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Overview We need a responsive design for tabs to handle overflow, which will include a responsive state for the two levels of tabs as well.   Current tabs implementation ->> 1.Justified However, When there are many tabs, it requires significant scrolling to find one of the tabs. Also, it’s not recommended in Material Design… Read more »

* Required Fields

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The red asterisk ( * ) indicating required fields has been around our digital interfaces so long, it’s one of those things you take for granted, like the anachronistic floppy disk for “save”, or the magnifying glass for “search”. It’s easy to forget that somewhere along the line, it was a choice that someone made…. Read more »

What’s New on

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Sept 12, 2016 Toolbar example and code posted for PatternFly Core. Aug 16, 2016 Card View example and code posted for PatternFly Core. Aug 16, 2016 About Modal Page updated with code for PatternFly Core. Aug 15, 2016 Updated the PatternFly Contributors Guide

Many users, few personas

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As a user experience researcher supporting the PatternFly project, I’m currently researching and developing personas that represent the typical PatternFly user or contributor. Personas are fictional, often alliteratively named, representations of your users. They are based on similarities gleaned from quantitative and qualitative research on users’ habits, motivations, and work contexts. While I will do… Read more »

Forms: Hide/Expand Advanced Options – Conceptual Design

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Overview There are many things the Forms Pattern does not  specify today. During the discovery phase, we captured requirements (see list below) from various stakeholder projects.  One of the top requirements was for a feature to  “Hide/Expand Advanced Options” in the form. With the collection of discovery work screenshots and some other popular option about… Read more »

How we scroll

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Recently, the PatternFly team undertook a brief research study to help decide how to handle scrolling within modal dialogs that have more content than can fit within the current view or “above the fold.” In this post, you’ll read about what we were trying to learn, how we constructed the study, and our final conclusions…. Read more »