“Enough talk about labels”

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This is a final blog post in an initial series about Labels. It is a follow-up to: “Let’s talk about Labels” posted on January 27, 2016, and “Let’s talk more about Labels” posted on February 29, 2016. The prior blog posts addressed topics around creating and applying user generated labels to managed resources. In this… Read more »

“Area chart: Coloring within the lines.”

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Overview A “Single Area Chart” is used to provide metrics for a single data set. While similar to a line chart, in both form and function, it offers an area fill for visual emphasis. The area fill below the line also functions to indicate cumulative data. The most common use case for area charts is… Read more »

An events/task drawer… That’s handy!

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Overview Time specific content (such as events, tasks, alerts) require a delivery system that is actionable, independent, accessible and immediately available that does not expressly interfere with primary content and functionality.   Proposal   Initial Logged In Screen An Event/Task Drawer that is accessible via a notification icon in the header nav on the right… Read more »