Zooming in and out of a time series chart

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This blog addresses the initial design for zooming in and out of a time series chart.  The horizontal axis of a time series chart represents a timeline.  The user may be able to change the timeframe of the chart by: 1. selecting an existing time period 2. entering a custom  time period 3. zooming in/out… Read more »

Let’s talk more about Labels

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This blog post is a follow-up to: “Let’s talk about Labels” posted on January 27, 2016. In that post we discussed the topic of creating a user generated label, for a managed resource. In this post we’ll discuss how to apply a new or existing label. Creating a label recap, a label is: A “Key:Value”… Read more »

Actions on a Card

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Overview Card View displays content in a graphical way that is not possible with a Table or List View. The characteristics of this view can be used to tuck actions out of the way until they are needed, or to place emphasis on actions that are crucial to the correct use of the product. The… Read more »