Let’s talk about Labels

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This blog post explores introductory concepts and investigations around the use of Labels in managed systems. It focuses principally on the topic of label creation. One of the goals of this blog post is to surface additional requirements and areas of concern. Known “Open Issues” are listed at the end of the document. Please leave… Read more »

Drill Down: Looking into Details

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This blog post addresses the initial concepts and approaches for the drill-down, from the list, card and table view. Please leave comments with any questions or suggestions you may have!   Overview Drill down is used to help the user navigate from a landing page to a details page. A typical landing page may have… Read more »

Expandable List View for Viewing Details in Context

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Data lists have become a popular alternative to tables for displaying structured data as they provide more flexible presentation of information, media, and controls that can reduce the need for users to navigate between overview and detail views of information.  PatternFly currently supports this presentation as part of the List View pattern.  In looking at… Read more »