Line Charts : Visualizing data over a period of time

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This blog addresses the initial design for the line chart pattern in PatternFly. ¬†We are specifically interested in finding out expectations for interactions. * How would you expect the user to interact with the line chart? * How would you expect the info tip to behave? Please leave comments with any questions or suggestions you… Read more »

Vertical Navigation using a Non-Persistent Secondary Menu

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The problem: You want to simplify navigation by not exposing secondary levels of navigation at all times Last month I published a blog post discussing vertical navigation and how a multi-column approach can be used to expose up to two levels of navigation in a vertical format (see Vertical Navigation: Finding your Way). At that… Read more »

Simple Actions for the Data Toolbar

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Simple actions is a pattern that houses actions for the objects in the current view (tile view, list view etc). These actions can apply to all of the objects in the view or a subset of them. Simple actions is often displayed as part of the Data Toolbar. Requirements A successful design for this pattern…… Read more »