Bar Charts : Visualizing Quantitative Data

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Overview Bar charts are used to visualize quantitative data. Since bar charts differentiate by length, we recommend that in most cases they be used rather than donut or pie charts, which differentiate by angle and area. Vertical Bar Chart The most common use case for vertical charts is to show data changes over a period… Read more »

Table View: Organize your Data

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  Overview & Usage A table organizes data into rows (of items) and columns (of item attributes). Tables make structured data easy to scan, compare, sort, and analyze. Tables can be embedded into other design patterns. Tables are familiar to users and often the correct choice for structured data, but be careful not to overuse… Read more »

Vertical Navigation: Finding your Way

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Overview P>You should use a vertical navigation pattern when your application requires global navigation (i.e. navigation that persists throughout the application) that will be displayed in a vertical format anchored to the left-hand edge of the viewport. ¬†While vertical navigation menus generally consume more pixels (i.e. more total area) than their horizontal counterparts, they have… Read more »